“I have to satisfy my obsession…”

“She is my obsession”


                      ~  SINCLAIR NORTH




Ivy Lockhart hasn’t had much luck in the way of life or relationships lately and that unlucky path doesn’t seem to be wavering any as ARRIVING NORTH begins.

Ivy has witnessed her sister having sex with her husband and now a fire to her house destroys the final embers of her relationship and she must pick up the pieces and try to move on.


Moving on can be hard but of course gray eyes, a sexy body, and amazing sex can be the best soothing balm. But when that body is attached to a man with so many secrets that they collide and mingle with Ivy’s own past and make her see that there is more to Sinclair North than she once thought.


Not that Ivy doesn’t have her own secrets she’s keeping. Her secrets are much worse and far-reaching. So far, that they reach into a past that even Sinclair North doesn’t know about but is oddly connected to. But will their connection be a help or a hindrance in the long run.






A fire that destroys the home Ivy spent years with the man who betrayed her.

Her betrayer becomes a messenger of truth and clarity who brings justice to those who have been lied to for years.

A divorce and an engagement happen in the very same day.

An attack causes the loss of a dear friend.

Ivy finds out that Brig isn’t the only liar, but the biggest one of them all.



While secrets swirl, revelations overflow, and love is confused, tested, redirected, and used for manipulation, an attackers still prowls, causing trouble and strife in Ivy’s life. She seeks comfort and protection in Sinclair North, but is this trust misplaced? Should Sinclair be the one she’s wary of? Will the secret Sinclair divulges derail the contract and force her back into the arms of the man who slept with her sister?


They say realization


Realization comes with finding out the same man Ivy has fallen for, has also fallen for her, but lets his past control him, haunt him, and keep a link to a woman Ivy knows will be trouble.

But can she begrudge Sinclair of a past that has made him the man he is today and brought them together?






Get your copy of ARRIVING NORTH the second installment in the NORTH QUINTET. Join readers as they delve through the world of lies, love, money, death, secrets, and connected histories that change the lives of these characters and many others as they are introduced into this erotically romantic BWWM series. And stay tuned for the other books in the NORTH QUINTET coming once a month (or sooner) until all are released.


And stay tuned for the other books in the NORTH QUINTET coming once a month (or sooner) until all are released.


Also look for them on pre-order if available to you.




  1. GOING NORTH (April 2016)

  2. ARRIVING NORTH (May 2016)

  3. DEPARTING NORTH (May 2016)