A woman, two men, lots of lies, and a life-changing secret… That is the dilemma that encompasses the story of twenty-eight-year-old Sasha Olivia Ellis. 

From the outside looking in, Sasha Ellis, would appear as the perfectly poised daughter of Judge Ezra Ellis. She walks with grace, she speaks with confidence, and she could possibly attract any man she wants. She has spent her life ensconced in the elite circle of the best of the best of black Atlanta high society. She was a debutante, she attended charm school, she made straight A’s while attending the best schools money could afford, but those things are not the things she want to define her. 

Sasha is a free spirit who doesn’t want to be defined by the people in her social circle or her last name. She wants to live her own life and do the things that make her happy, but she realizes that her life is not her own. 
Being the oldest daughter of a judge, she is required to be the one to set the example as the responsible, obedient one who marries the man her parents have chosen and lives the life they have laid out for her. This is exactly where her life is headed until she meets music producer, Quinton Ramsey, during her very first visit to a club with her best friend. 

Sasha and Quinton’s instant attraction to one another becomes a problem in Sasha’s flawlessly scripted life. She starts to question her decision to blindly follow the orders of her parents and begins to wonder if there is something else behind their behavior throughout the years. They’ve obsessed over her behavior, chosen her friends, and basically convinced her that she was doomed to become a drug addict or whore if she didn’t follow their conservative upbringing. They even decided that she would marry the son of another Judge. 

As Sasha and Quinton get closer, her life with her fiancé, Daryn Bryant, becomes more complicated. A string of lies and secrets that her family and Daryn’s family have withheld begin to surface because of Sasha’s rebellious actions and Daryn’s ambitious nature.