In the second installment of the Circles Trilogy we pick up where the last volume ended with Sasha Ellis coming face-to-face with the secret Daryn revealed during their engagement party as well as the backlash of her infidelity. 

Circles Volume II: Revelations follows the struggle Sasha endures to come to terms with the truth about her birth, her family, and the man she has come to love. Quinton Ramsey, a man with his own secrets. 


Facing down old demons, a new enemy, and a family bent on getting their way, and a determined fiancé, Sasha questions her life and loyalties as she tries to find her own way. She is determined to separate herself from the harsh revelations of her recent past and move on with her life. 

These questions remain… Will Sasha be able to move on? Will it be with Quinton at her side? Or will his secrets further destroy her faith in himOr will her family’s influence bring her back into the fold and force her to comply and conform?