In the previous installment, Sasha left us not knowing what she would decide. Would she join Quinton in London or would she strike out on her own and start over? Will her family leave her alone or will they once again pursue her for their own benefit? 

Circles, the Extended Finale, gives the reader some insight into Sasha and her family. While some issues will be resolved, others will be brought up and explored. More and more shady people enter Sasha and Quinton’s life and test their bond and may even drive them apart. 

Dead mothers, privileged parents, spiteful exes, and interfering friends round out the tumultuous cast of characters who try their best to either keep the couple together and break them apart. With it all going on at the same time, it will be hard for the couple and some of the choices they make along the way will force them to see each other in a new light and make them develop and grow as individuals.  

Is happily ever after in the cards for Sasha and Quinton? get your copy of Circles the Trilogy Volume III, The Extended Finale: A New Circle.