Sometimes it’s necessary to remove yourself from a situation before it consumes you and overtakes your life. And for Ivy, Sinclair North is her particular… situation.


Sinclair North entered her life, made it better, made it worse, and then made it better again. He’s everything Ivy wants and everything she doesn’t need in her life. However, someone should give her traitorous heart and body that little message because no matter how far and how fast she runs, he always finds her.


Ivy wants to resist falling for Sinclair. She tries to focus on the negative things about him, but its no use. She wants him and from the things he does and says, he more than wants her.


However, when Ivy meets the infamous Erica who haunts Sinclair’s subconscious and forces her name to leave his lips while he sleeps, she realizes she may be out of her league.


Erica is determined and uses her ‘claim’ on Sinclair to enact a devious scheme that will destroy Ivy and bring the demons of her past firmly into the present. But the destruction won’t be limited to Ivy. Erica’s plan may just destroy everything Ivy and Sinclair spent building, removing Ivy from Sinclair’s life for good.


Get your copy of DEPARTING NORTH, the third installment in the NORTH QUINTET. Join readers as they delve through the world of lies, love, money, death, secrets, and connected histories that change the lives of these characters and many others as they are introduced into this erotically romantic BWWM series.


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  1. GOING NORTH (April 2016)

  2. ARRIVING NORTH (May 2016)

  3. DEPARTING NORTH (May 2016)