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Space Supernova

A Black Girl's Guide to the Multiverse

Christmas Anson’s name isn’t the only unique thing about her. When she was only four years old her mother walked out and never returned, seemingly of her own free will. Since her mother’s departure, Christmas has tried to live her life like she doesn’t need a mother, like she doesn’t want a mother figure in her life. Though, she doubts if her mother was around, she’d be almost thirty and unable to maintain a real relationship or engaged to one man while married to another.


But what if there was a way to get her mother back? What if there was a way to find out what kind of life Christmas could’ve had if her mother was around? What if there was a way to get a peek into that life?


When Christmas Anson turns on the Multiverse Generator for the first time, she gets that peek and so much more. She gets to step out of her own world and into new ones where she might find that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

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