I can’t believe I just watched my husband fucking my sister….





What happens when a loyal woman witnesses her husband having sex with her sister and subsequently finds out the man has slept with an additional seven women during their seven-year relationship?

The only thing to do is to find myself a hot, tanned, blonde, Viking-like, alpha billionaire and allow him to use his connections and resources to help her with her divorce and possibly help her forget the cheating asshole in ways that make her blush just thinking about them.


Ivy Lockhart never thought of herself as the type of woman who needed to check her husband’s phone, go through his email, or check his pockets to keep up with him or what he was doing. She was never insecure. She trusted easily even after a brutal incident following the death of her father should’ve made her never want to trust another person again.

However, she’d trusted her husband, Brigham Lockhart, but he stomped on her trust and broke her heart…


Or did he?


Enter, Sinclair North. A man whose nickname is of, Sin, says everything about the man. He’s eligible, he has connections, he’s sexy, and he wants Ivy. However, he’s not Ivy’s type at all because basically, he’s a whore. With rumors of an inherited Hypersexual Disorder, and many partners under his belt, he knows he’d never get her to give him a second look if he approached her without a damn good reason to do so.


So how does he plan to have her?


A contract – one that will help her out of her marriage and land her in his bed. An offer she can’t refuse.


Or can she?


No one has ever said ‘no’ to Sinclair North. So when he offers to help Ivy with her divorce in exchange for her being his ‘prescription’ to his ‘ailment’, he knows he won’t be disappointed with her answer. She won’t turn him down and he makes sure of that when he enters her life, knowing much more than he should about her, and gives her a peek into the life she could have without the cheater, Brigham Lockhart in her life.


But Brigham doesn’t give up that easily. He’ll challenge Sinclair. But there has never been a challenge Sinclair North has faced that he hasn’t come out the victor. And he’ll show Brigham just how far he is willing to be victorious making an offer that the greedy, opportunistic man can’t refuse….


“Twenty-five million. Twenty-five million now and I will double that once you disappear from her life and slither away like the adulterous bastard that you are.”



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  1. GOING NORTH (April 2016)




  5. MR. and MRS. NORTH