My Future With You

In a world where charity is a four-letter word, Iesha Bell, is looking for the few who don’t share this opinion, especially if her girl’s center, A Girl’s Hope, is concerned. 

After the death of her mother, Iesha knows grieving is what she should be doing, but she can’t when there are problems in her life that need addressing. A project of her past, and of her heart, Iesha hopes to get the funding the center needs to stay in business from book publisher, Walker Black. But just like the others, Walker brushes her off and sends her on her way. Tired of her girls not getting what they need, Iesha is finally fed up and let’s Walker know exactly how she feels about him and his pathetic offer. 

It isn’t until Walker is in a situation of his own, one where Iesha’s desperation might be exactly what Walker needs, Walker realizes the impression has Iesha made upon him. However, what Walker needs may not be what Iesha wants when Walker proposes renting out her womb so he can have a child to fulfill a requirement in the family’s company charter.

Despite her attraction to the book publisher, and how enjoyable making a baby with him could be, of course Iesha thinks the proposition is immoral, irresponsible, and ridiculous. 

But what other, better, options does she have? What better other, options does Walker have? Or will all options be thrown out the window when one party decides no problems they are having mean more than the fact they’ve fallen in love?