My Past With You

Trisha Canty hasn’t always had it all, especially not when she lived with two greedy parents who thought their pregnant teen was a deal to be negotiated. And years later, despite her harder life, she knows them allowing her to be emancipated saved her life. Now, as a grown woman, Trisha is living her best life and doesn’t need anyone to help her, especially not a man – especially not her child’s father. Not that the man, the golden boy from her youth, even knows their child exists. But that’s all about to change because of the declaration, the requirement, set forth by Trisha’s foster mother in her last will and testament. She is now required to introduce her son to his father if Trisha wants her son to have the full ride to any school of his choice her foster mother has on the table. 

As a former NFL player, a recognized television personality, and a prospect for a political run, all Andrew Chandler wants is to live the most normal life possible. For years he’s been ‘a Chandler’, dealing with all the name comes with, sometimes even having to give be and do things he never wanted to do. Now he’s living his best life, one where his decisions are all his own, only to find out his whole life should’ve taken a different course. Andrew finds out he has a child by his teenaged sweetheart, the one who disappeared from his life sixteen years before, and there’s a chance the illustrious Chandler matriarch and patriarch knew about him the whole time.

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