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(BGGM Entry 0) -A Black Girl's Guide to the Multiverse: Pre-Release Author's Note

Thanks so much for making it this far, and for considering my new Blog Novel as part of your TBR list.

As some of you may know, I started writing Contemporary Romance and African American Romance, and I also have a few Women’s Fiction books floating around out there somewhere. But my love for science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal has niggled at me for years and so I’ve decided to take the leap into writing for those genres but never leaving my Romance and Women’s Fiction beginnings behind.

When you read A BLACK GIRL’S GUIDE TO THE MULTIVERSE, you’ll notice that I have indeed stayed true to my roots.

Christmas Anson started as a character in a contemporary holiday romance and has now evolved into a woman who does so much more than fall in love and lives happily ever after.

Maybe one day Christmas will fall in love. Maybe one day Christmas will settle down. But for right now Christmas Anson is a woman who isn’t quite sure what she wants and is okay with that. She’s okay with that because she knows she has things to work on before she can fully give to someone else. She is sure this has to do with her mother who disappeared when she was four years old, leaving her and her twin brother to grow up without her.

Choosing the dangerous task of traversing the multiverse isn’t something she does for adventure. She does it because there’s something in her life she’s been missing for years and the multiverse might be where she finds it.

I understand some will want to read a love story or a women’s fiction book. I know some will want more science fiction, and some will want more adventure and mystery. I know some won’t find this type of science fiction as their ‘thing’. And while I can’t give everyone exactly what they want, I hope this Blog Novel allows you to see me, see my style of writing science fiction and fantasy. I hope it opens your mind to the idea that it’s okay to twist and bend the genres to what you know and want to read if you’re a writer. If nothing else, I hope you, as a reader, are entertained by my vision.

Some of you might ask… Why do it this way? Why not submit a manuscript to be published professionally? Why offer this on Amazon or B&N or Smashwords? Why do it blog style… for free?

The answer to those questions would be because I want this to be on the rougher side. I want it to be exactly what I want to say without anyone editing out anything. I do it blog style because for the sole reason that I can offer it for free here. I can let you get to know my style of writing for this new genre before you go out and buy a book I have published.

Not to say that this will never be available for sale. You may one day see this serial combined into a book for you to have in your digital library but I will definitely tell you if that happens.

As this is the first book in this genre for me, you won’t find me on your favorite digital booksellers in the science fiction/fantasy genre. However, feel free to search for my Women’s Fiction and Romance novels on Amazon if you want to read something by me.

Want to follow me on social media? Links to my social media profiles are on my website. There you will find updates on what I’m writing and more.

As for the housekeeping details… This is a fictional serial that will be added to every 14 to 18 days. length of entry will vary. There are times when there will be cliffhangers. There is sex and bad language. There references to mental illness. There are people of differing sexual orientations and people who identify with different genders. If you are under the age of eighteen, I recommend getting your parent’s permission before reading the first entry in this Blog Novel.

Once again, thanks so much for your consideration. If you read the first entry and enjoy it, please leave your feedback or sharing or recommending, A BLACK GIRL’S GUIDE TO THE MULTIVERSE, to a friend.

Happy Reading Carla’s Crew of Readers!

Carla Buchanan

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