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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself….

This is not a Monday, nor is it a typical blog telling you what I have going on this week. It is a blog where I am finally ready to be honest with myself now so I can bring you better, more heartfelt content in the future.

With that being said, this is the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCMENT. As of May 1st, 2019, I am no longer a writer of Contemporary Romance Novels, at least not full-length ones since I still have the rest of my Fostering Love Series to get out to you. But through some soul-searching and self-examination I realize it is high time I begin to write about what I want to be reading. I need to write what I know, what I love, what makes me happy, what feels right, and what I would pick out to read for my own personal entertainment.

I started as a reader and writer of contemporary romance, but my first genre loves have always been fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction. At least ninety-percent of the books I read and listen to fall into these genre’s, including those with romances as the main storyline.

In the past I have struggled to find my voice among the sea of contemporary writers and I’m sure publishers I’ve submitted to could tell that I don’t read enough of the particular genre to write for it. But now that I am changing genres and focusing on writing the books I want to read I feel like I will be able better write my characters, settings, and plots.

As many of you may have noticed, MY PAST WITH YOU was quietly released as I was in the midst of making this decision. I soon plan to offer its predecessor for free in honor of its release, and I promise to keep you updated on the progress of the Fostering Love Series and offer content on the books and their releases.

I’ve also received some inquiries about my women’s fiction books. I will continue to write women’s fiction as part of my self-publishing career once I complete the Fostering Love Series. Women’s fiction is one of my guilty pleasures especially those with a lot of drama and thriller elements. Because those are also a part of my regular rotation of books I buy, I will continue to provide women’s fiction books to you. If you are interested in finding out more about my style of women’s fiction be on the lookout for those on Amazon’s free section as well in the upcoming weeks.

Since this change has been occurring, I have decided to go silent on all of my social media sites related to my writing. I took some time to switch my writing over and flush out some ideas for two stories, a paranormal and science fiction novel I hope you get to read soon.

To kickoff this new journey, I’ll be attending RWA in New York this year. I plan to soak up every

aspect of writing for these new genres so I can continue giving you stories you want to spend your hard-earned money on.

So, it is my passion and pleasure to reintroduce myself as Carla Buchanan, writer of paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi romance.

I’ll be seeing you soon Carla’s Crew of Readers!


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