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EXCERPT: MY PAST WITH YOU... coming April 2019

Book Excerpt…

“Morning,” the older woman said. “Looking classy as always,” she commented sarcastically, looking Trisha over like she was walking around naked. Trisha suddenly wished she hadn’t given back Bryant’s shirt or that she’d chosen to dress like someone’s mom not like she was on her way to a pool party. Of course, Grace Chandler looked groomed to perfection with her silky bob bouncing, her khaki linen pants and a white silk shirt fitting just the right way, and the blue sweater draped over her shoulders in that preppy way some women do. Her red Tory Burch loafers and bag were pristine, gold emblems shining as if she’d just purchased them that morning. 

“I wasn’t expecting to have to go inside,” Trisha explained, not knowing why she was doing so. 

“I’m sure you weren’t expecting to see my son in that getup,” Grace said, once again being sarcastic. The woman’s pettiness made Trisha rolled her eyes.

“Well, you have a nice day Grace,” Trisha said, not wanting to engage the woman today. “I was just dropping off Bryant and -”

“Dropping him off? My grandson doesn’t have a car?”

Trisha sighed. The woman really wanted to start some shit with her today, so Trisha took a deep breath and said, “No Grace. My son does not have a car.” Grace harrumphed and shook her head. She commented, saying something about the fact he’d have a car if Andrew had raised him. That comment raised Trish’s hackles because it was mostly her fault Andrew hadn’t raised his son. The anger that flooded Trisha was probably the reaction she’d been going for because she smiled when Trisha said, “Look… Just because you’ve done something good by acknowledging the crazy shit you did means nothing. I will never forget what your offer to my parents did to my life. You can fool your husband. You can fool Andrew. You can fool my son. But you will never fool me. I know you haven’t changed and will never -”

“Is there a problem here, ladies?” Trisha heard a voice ask. She cringed, realizing Grace had probably seen Andrew pull up and walk over to them, hoping he’d hear Trisha say something awful. She called the woman an unfriendly name under her breath before turning to Andrew with a bright smile.

“Morning, Drew. I was just leaving. I’m sure you and your mother have important things to talk about. I should get back and…” Trisha looked down at herself and Andrew did as well. Her skin flushed and her core tingled with interest when his tongue darted across his lips, but she pushed those thoughts away. That feeling was exactly why she’d been avoiding him. It was too damn confusing for her body to want one thing and her head to want another. 

“Actually, my mother’s visit is unexpected,” Andrew said. “And I’ve been trying to call you. When I spoke to Bryant, he said you’ve been busy helping your sister by volunteering at her girl’s home. Are you free today?”

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