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[Monday Blog] This week in the writing cave with Carla Buchanan

Week of…. March 18, 2019.

What can I say but sorry? I’ve been MIA besides a post here and there because life decided to put a wrench in my carefully planned release schedule. But worry no more. I know some of you have been asking for the second Fostering Love Book and I’m happy to say it’s coming soon. Looking at the first week of April for release so I hope you’re prepared for that and all of the sneak peaks leading up to the release of MY PAST WITH YOU.

So, in the next couple weeks look out for those sneak peaks because I will be sneaking a giveaway or two in there!!!!!!

In other news…

As I diligently work to get the Fostering Love series out to you, know I’m not just sitting around. I’ve been hard at work on submissions for publishers.

As many know, I used to write for the Kimani line at Harlequin which is sadly no more. In my effort to remain a hybrid author (both professionally and self-published) I have to split my time between the two publishing avenues, so everything takes a little longer to get out to you.

But my readers, I plan to make Monday’s a regular update day. You can ask any questions here or hop on over to my Facebook page and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Now let the sneak peaks begin. Tuesday’s I’ll be giving you some book teasers. Be looking out tomorrow for a look into MY PAST WITH YOU.

In 2019...

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